Glossary of Wedding Terms

Glossary of Wedding Terms


Bomboniere - An Italian term for 'guest favors', given to wedding guests as a keepsake in appreciation of their attendance.

Bouquet Jewelry - Jewelry specifically designed as an accent piece for Bouquets but can be used in floral arrangements and as cake accents. Bouquet jewelry come in many forms such as picks, buckles, clusters or initials.

Brocade - Thick ornate fabric with raised designs. Brocade has always been associated with luxury and opulence making it the perfect fabric for special occasions.

Brooch - A decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed or as a piece of jewelry. Brooches are usually made of metal, and adorned with crystals, beads or gemstones of various sizes and colors.

Collection - A matching set of wedding accessories often comprising of any or all of the following: guestbook, toasting flutes, ring pillow, flower girl basket and garter. 

Damask - Like brocade it has raised designs, but is lighter in weight. Can also refer to a damask design.

Embellishments - These are extra adornments either sewn or glued on. The additions may include; embroidery, lace, glass or crystal beads, ribbons, bows, shiny plastic circular pieces called sequins, fringes, pearls, and others.

Favor - Token gift of appreciation from a host to their guests. Favors are commonly given at weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and birthday or dinner parties.

Flower Girl - These are little girls usually under the age of 9 that pave the way down the aisle for the bride by carrying a small flower girl basket while scattering flower petals.

Guestbook - A guestbook is a book specifically for the means of recording one’s attendance at an event or place. It is also used for guests to leave comments such as well wishes.

Jack & Jill: A shower for the bride and groom to which both male and female guests are invited. A coed shower can be a cocktail party at a nightclub or restaurant or a more casual picnic or barbecue.

Organza - Similar to tulle, but flows freer in wedding gown skirts, sleeves and overlays.

Pin Tucking - A pintuck is a fold of fabric that has been stitched to hold it in place, much like a pleat. Pintucks give a decorative effect to the fabric, creating a visual line at a chosen point. They are often seen in vintage clothing, but they can be used to create a very modern look as well.

Place Cards - Place cards can be used at very formal weddings to designate each person's specific seat at a particular table.

Pomander - This is a round ball completely covered by flower blooms. Pomanders can be used for decorations as they are especially lovely on church pews or carried by a flower girl.

Ring Bearer - This is a usually a small boy, who walks down the aisle as part of the bridal procession carrying a ring bearer pillow that holds the bride and groom’s wedding rings.

Satin - the most popular wedding gown fabric, glossy on one side.

Stag and Doe - A Stag and Doe event can be hosted by the couple or by friends or family members before the wedding as a big party so that the couple can collect money for their wedding or honeymoon. Unlike a Jack and Jill, wedding reception or bridal shower, a Stag and Doe is not comprised of a guest list and can be attended by anyone. The more attendees the better. Guests typically are required to purchase a ticket to attend.

Tiara - A long standing favorite as a bridal headpiece, the bridal tiara is formed in the shape of a crown. Adorned with crystals, flowers or jewels, tiaras can be very ornate or quite simply.

Toss Garter - Typically a smaller less expensive version of the official bridal garter to be used at the garter toss reserving the original as a keepsake.

Unity Candle - A unity candle is lit by two separate tapers by the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony to symbolize their union.

Vellum: A thin, transparent type of paper that looks somewhat like frosted glass. Your stationer can print text on it directly or use it as a decorative overlay.